Number and Expertise of Staff:
RAHBAR constitutes a staff that combines the qualification and experience which makes the organization effective and capable of undertaking multi sector projects. A part from salaried staff the organization has a number of volunteers working at any given time. These volunteers have been traditionally of great help to the NGO, providing much needed assistance in its monitoring and implementation activities. Depending upon the availability of posts enthusiasm and competency demonstrated by a volunteer, the NGO also hires such persons on permanent basis. This system does not only ensure continuity and compatibility but also ensures to a great extent that dedicated and tested individuals alone are recruited by the NGO. Presently RAHBAR has more than 100 number of paid staff members rendering   services for various projects.

Financial Management:
The organization has double entry accounting system and financial policy. All the organizational matters are guided by the policy manual which is recently revised to incorporate further improvements with the help of consultations of professional organizations, board members and individual consultants. Regular audit of accounts is conducted by renowned external auditors.

Communication Section:
RAHBAR has a communication Section of, downward, upward and lateral communication. It aims to provide the necessary information about, a mechanism, a decision, an action taken, a job, etc., and to prevent misunderstandings due to misinformation that may lessen an employee’s working efficiency.
The downward communication which flows from upper levels of management to the next lower level, down to the rank and file wants to inform employees of policies procedures, directives, etc.
To improve efficiency as well as to ensure that downward communication from management is received and understood, the upward communication is used, which flows from the lower levels of the organization up to higher-management.
The lateral communication concerns the dissemination of information pertaining to areas of responsibility and/or reports of levels of achievement in job involving more than one work group among the same level of employees.

Communication Strategies:
Communication strategies have been designed for smooth flow of reporting from the field level to regional level. RAHBAR believes that all information sharing is done in written form. The slogan for the communication strategy is that any activity that is not documented is not done at all. The visibility of the donors is given special attention and it is ensured that all the material designed for any project reflects the collaboration of the donors.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
We developed our own M&E Strategy, which encompasses the overall program through various effective tools. The monitoring section of RAHBAR designs monitoring tools separately for each project. Staff appraisal is done every year and promotion of the staff is done accordingly. External monitoring is done by the donors or through the community participation. Community impact surveys are conducted after each program.

Our Area of Interventions:
RAHBAR underscores the fact that helping is not simply a matter of dispersing money but of making a deep, long-term commitment and casting a hard eye on results. It tries to build the community through capacity building initiatives based on the need assessment generated from research. RAHBAR trains the community (professionals, civil society and to gradually sustain and scale up themselves and their activities. It initially offers them the opportunity to reach their potential and progressively scale up and bear the entire weight themselves. The entire management and operation of RAHBAR  is in compliance with the principles of “Good Governance “and thus sets itself apart with its set norms of sustainability, scalability,    accountability, transparency, credibility and effective leadership.

Women and Children Empowerment:
RAHBAR believes that the desired changes in the lives of deprived children will come only when the civil society and NGOs start participating proactively in finding a solution and the only way to ensure a better future for these two segments of society is by educating them. That is because education is both the means as well as the end; it empowers them and evolves them as better citizens. As a matter of fact gender-based discrimination and societal behavior leading to physical and psychological harassment, emotional violence bordering on cruelty is never scant in woman’s basket of woes. In order to make the women realize their inner strength and importance in the society, RAHBAR has taken a pledge to illuminate their lives with Pride and Dignity! Our various projects show how directly and indirectly RAHBAR has benefited women through community development and rights based projects.