Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – WASH 01

    WASH Project South Waziristan & Orakzai Agency: 11th July 2011 – 10th March 2012

    RAHBAR with the support of UNICEF implemented the PCA “WASH Emergency IDPs Response in FATA (South Waziristan and Orakzai Agency).” Under the PCA, RAHBAR provided the basic WASH services and rehabilitation of water supply schemes with a view to prevent and reduce the incidence of water and sanitation-related diseases among men, women, and children in their places of origin. WASH interventions were aimed to provide safe drinking water, WASH NFIs in line with SPHERE guidelines, and hygiene awareness to target populations in their area of return.
    The overall objective of the project was to carry out the early recovery activities in the areas of return of South Waziristan Agency and Orakzai Agency. The Project focused on rehabilitating water and sanitation services and infrastructure in Government schools/health facilities and communal places. This included rehabilitation/restoration of water supply schemes, tube wells repair, installation, and cleaning/repairing/disinfection of open wells/dugs as per the requirement.

    Project Activities: