Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand 02

    Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand District Buner: 1st July 2012 – 15th Dec 2012

    Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand Programme is a joint venture of UNDP and the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which has been designed after the crises in Malakand to address the Justice sector’s issues and provide a capacity, system, and institutional support to the justice sector and stakeholders including Judiciary, Police, Prosecution, Bar Associations, Alternate Dispute Resolution bodies, and Civil Society.

    RAHBAR in collaboration with UNDP started the SRLMP on 1st July 2012, in ten selected Union Councils of District Buner. They are; Union Councils Dewana Baba, Shalbandai, Elai, Gagra, Norezi, Daggar, Krapa, Gokand, Torwarsak, and Union Council Rega.

    • Two Legal Aid Desks have been established in the premises of the District Courts Buner. The Desks compromised of one male and one female legal Aid Assistants.
    • Total of 44 Legal Aid Clinics has been conducted against the set target of 30 Legal Aid Clinics. Out of the total, the number of females who attended legal aid clinics was 17, in which 886 women participated. Similarly, 27 male Legal Aid Clinics were conducted in which 1458 men participated. Forty-one (41) cases have been identified and provided consultation/legal aid during the clinics, out of which 18 cases were filed in District Courts, in which the court issued orders in 5 cases, while in two cases the parties agreed to compromise.
    • Provided Honoraria for 18 cases.
    • 2 Stakeholders Dialogues have been conducted, to find out what issues matter most of them about the performance of the project. In order to take the stakeholders on board and improve decision-making & accountability.
    • Total 45 Legal Aid Awareness Sessions have been conducted against the set target of 30. The achievement stands at 150.00%. The number of males and females attending Legal Aid Awareness Sessions was 24 and 21 respectively. The participation in the sessions was 1081 male and 1086 women respectively.
    • Printed IEC material has been disseminated in the community. Banners and flyers have been displayed in each selected Union Councils and Courts for people to have awareness on their Legal Rights and regarding Legal Aid Desks.
    • Three female Law Graduates were engaged for traineeship from Buner, Malakand, and Lower Dir Districts.
    • Scholarships amounting to 50,848 have been awarded to, two female Law students for graduation whose studies were in progress.
    • Three (03) orientation sessions with the district bar association have been conducted. The number of District Bar Association was oriented with the project objectives and implementation strategy.
    • Two (02) Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC) meetings have participated, to discuss issues and initiatives that required cooperation across jurisdictional lines and among many parts of the criminal justice system.