Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand District Buner and Swat

Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand District Buner and Swat

Working Area

Funds PKR Funding Agency Duration
District Buner & Swat 11,182,500 UNDP

1st April – 1st Dec 2013


RAHBAR in collaboration with UNDP started the SRLMP on 1st July 2012, and successfully implemented project activities by 15 December 2012, in ten selected Union Councils of district Buner. They are; Union Council Dewana Baba, Shalbandai, Elai, Gagra, Norezi, Daggar, Krapa, Gokand, Torwarsak and Union Council Rega.

The second phase of Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand Programme is a joint venture of RAHBAR, UNDP, and Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, extended to 15 union councils of district Buner and 15 union councils of district Swat.

Performance Targets 1st April to 31st December (2013)

Output 1: Legal aid services developed, institutionalized and strengthened

  • 4 Legal Aid Desks fully functional and providing effective legal aid services to the needy people in 2 project districts. Courts, Prison, CSOs and Police are referring cases of deserving cases to the Desks.
  • Legal aid Committees at the bar association fully supporting the legal aid interventions initiated by SRLM in 2 project Districts
  • Legal aid services provided to 200 beneficiaries in 2 project districts.
  • At least (directly) 750 community members are provided on spot legal advice during legal aid clinics and legal aid desks
  • At least 150 paralegals are capacitated and engaged to facilitate SRLM legal aid work through participation in the community awareness, sensitization, legal advice giving
  • Justice Sector Stakeholders are taken onboard through dialogues

Output 2: Legal awareness for communities at all levels and duty bearers enhanced

  • At least 7500 community members (male and female) sensitized during the legal aid clinics

Output 3: Increase number of legal professionals, in particular, among women and disadvantaged groups

  • 4 female law students are motivated to continue legal education through financial assistance

4  female law graduates are encouraged to join legal profession through stipends during apprenticeship.