Management and Health Services Delivery at ESH Pabbi

    Management and Health Services Delivery at ESH Pabbi: 6th Aug 2012 – 6th Aug 2017

    Public Private Partnership, an initiative of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which aims at increasing access to socio – culturally acceptable quality health services through cost – effective interventions and better management of existing resources with the following strategic objectives:

    • To improve quality of healthcare services at health facility through staff capacity building, and improved working environment.
    • To strive to achieve the relevant targets of Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) through stativ and outreach Curative, Preventive and promote Health activities.
    • To ensure community / patient’s rights protection through participatory approach and active involvement of community in monitoring and decision making.
    • To provide conducive environment for operational research, Community Oriented Medical Education (COME) and health care support staff training.
    • To pilot a referral system from community and to the category B & A care hospitals to improve services utilization.