Gender Justice Through Musalihat Anjuman Project

    Gender Justice Through Musalihat Anjuman Project:

    The GJTMAP was a joint venture of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the UNDP and RAHBAR to provide support services by strengthening the Musalihat Anjuman called as Musalihat Jargas in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. These Jargas have been constituted under the Local Government Ordinance 2001. RAHBAR implemented the Project in District Buner and Swat of the Malakand Division.

    Relevant Sections of The Local Government Ordinance – 2001

    Chapter XI

    • Section 102: Constitution of Musalihat Jargas.
    • Section 103: Amicable settlement of disputes.
    • Section 104: Court may refer cases to MJs.
    • Section 105: Appointment of Conciliators for individual cases.
    • Section 106: Procedures of settlement of Disputes.


    • To provide all victims of gender violence and alternative mechanism, whereby they can obtain Justice.
    • To build the capacity of Musalihat Jargas (MJs) for dispensing gender – responsive justice at community level.
    • To enhance public engagement with utilization of the services of MJs.
    • To forge partnership between the Judiciary, Police and MJs for accountable, fair and equitable dispensation of Justice.
    • To advocate with communities for legal rights of the vulnerable.


    • To ensure access to Justice of the less advantaged sectors of society.
    • To help support reduction of poverty through easy, cost free and restitution of legal rights.
    • To reduce burden from courts regarding the cases that are easily able to be solved at community level.
    • To reduce burden from Police.
    • To educate and empower communities regarding their rights.
    • Musalihat Jargas (MJ) are different from the traditional Jargas because:
      1. MJs have proper legal cover.
      2. Have a detailed system of documentation.
      3. Are properly monitored for their performance.
      4. Cases may be referred from Govt. Department and Courts to MJs.


    To promoted and safeguard the rights and lawful entitlement of all, particularly the vulnerable segments of society, by institutionalizing a community supported Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism throught the entity of Musalihati Jirga.

    Project Execution: